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Le monde selon Soundtrack (Autriche-Vienne) est une captation de deux minutes. Chaque épisode comporte un nouveau son et une histoire derrière elle. Parfois, les sons proviennent de choses, de gens, d’animaux. Une expérimentation sonore organique…
Licence : sous licence libre Creative Commons.
Durée : 2 minutes
Langue : allemand-autrichien

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Décembre 2018 :: Radiocast #054 – Baby (en surprise)

The baby heart tone…

Août 2018 :: Radiocast # – Pause d’été

Juillet 2018 :: Radiocast #014 – Schwertwal

Amy. One, two three. Bye, bye and hello too. These are words we the humans say, and (in this sonic study) they the orca whales repeat. Here: hear the animals do their almighty best to imitate the human language. Do they know what it means?

Mai et Juin 2018 :: Radiocast #013 – Voyager and the golden record

1977: the two Voyager satellites sent far away. They were sent to learn, yes, but also to teach: should they be found by Outer Space Others, with them carried two golden records. On the records sounds and images of life on Earth. Spoken greetings in 55 languages, pictures of the everyday, music from Mozart to Chuck Berry, and dozens of field recordings from thunder to baby’s cry.

Avril 2018 :: Radiocast #012 – Epilepsie

Stanford researchers made a computer to hear the brain’s electrical signals, and from the signals made music. Normally your brain sounds calm and has a clear rhythm. But a brain during an epileptic seizure sounds different, furious and chaotic.

Mars 2018 :: Radiocast #011 – Operballdemo (redif !)

Manifestation contre le Operball (bal de l’opéra). Une nuit à Vienne, c’est le temps du Bal de la haute société et des manifestations contre celui…

Février 2018 :: Radiocast #010 – Ghost tape

When you go into war you hear the sergeant scream, you hear the wounded cry, you hear the bullets whiz pop. But that are not the only “sonic attacks”. In the Vietnam War the US military made the North Vietnamese hear the screams and warnings of their dead brethren. Here’s their “Ghost Tape No 10”.

Janvier 2018 :: Radiocast #009 – Tinnitus

Acouphène, une rediffusion du mois de Mai 2017… Tinnitus: 25% of people in the developed world have experienced it. If you haven’t, here’s your chance. Turn it off when you want, when you can.

Décembre 2017 :: Radiocast #008 – mhh, umm, ähm…

Pause pause for thought but when you pause speaking you don’t stop speaking. Umm, that is, you say just that: ähm if you’re German or mhh or er umm again that’s the English version. A 1995 study claims these fillers take up some 20% of your normal everyday talk !

Novembre 2017 :: Radiocast #007 – Alps

The call he calls: the cows. Across the meadows 1.500 meters up the Swiss alps. The dairy farmer calls; a voice through the mountains. The command: come my cows. They come to be milked their milk to be cheese. Then they’re done for a day: back to the meadow: you’ll call again tomorrow.


Octobre 2017 :: Radiocast #006 – Blindenstock

Blindenstock (A blind stick), a white stick, a cane it’s what helps some of the 300.000 Austrians with visual impairments. Hold the stick and click it clack it back and forth, find the pavement’s bumps and grooves within which the stick finds its purchase and along we follow until onto the subway we go.


Septembre 2017 :: Radiocast #005 – Jupiter

The planet Jupiter and its magnetic fields. As recorded by the Juno probe, radio waves created by the ionosphere; captured and transposed to that audible understandable by humans.


Août 2017 :: Random

Summer break !!


Juillet 2017 :: Radiocast #004 – Katze

The mouse is dead for reasons unseen and the cat will live off of the mouse that’s dead: and hear it, hear the cat breaking fast.


Juin 2017 :: Radiocast #003 – Operballdemo

They are demonstrating against the Opera Ball: the Event-with-a-capital-E. Ball seasons, high-society. The ball has happened for a century and more, and the left wing demonstrations for a decade and more. One night in Vienna.


Mai 2017 :: Radiocast #002 – Tinnitus

Tinnitus: 25% of people in the developed world have experienced it. If you haven’t, here’s your chance. Turn it off when you want, when you can.


Avril 2017 :: Radiocast #001 – Justin Bieber fans

Crying girls, and a few crying boys. Crying and screaming. It’s the Canadian pop star heartthrob Justin Bieber they’re after. But where is he?