fast and hard

Fast And Hard

Fast And Hard est un programme en trois volets consacré au Power-violence et autres musiques d’excités à base de Hardcore rapide.

Licence : tout le contenu est sous licence Creative Commons.
Durée : 50 minutes en moyenne



Juin 2020 : Radiocast #001 – le Powerviolence quelle réjouissance

Au programme de la première émission, « le Powerviolence quelle réjouissance », vous avez le droit à une sélection de dix groupes phares / pionniers, bref des classiques et incontournables du genre. Playlist des groupes présent dans le programme :

Dropdead : At the cost of an animal – Unjustified murder – Bullshit tradition – You have a voice – Idiot icon

Capitalist Casualties : Bad habits, Insecrurities, A terrible trait, Meat market, Sarin, Slave

Lack Of Interest : Behind bars, You hate you, looking blindly, My life, Dedicated, Conscience, Forgotten youth, Empty words

Fuck On The Beach: You don’t listen to me, Tammy fuck off, I cannot stop fall in love, Suddenly insert, Failing, Loco girl, Fuck on the beach

Charles Bronson : Little Debbie, I can’t be in a band with you because you like Epitaph, Security blanket, They should legalize drugs so you can hurry up and fucking die, Charles Bronson will not turn into a _____ band , What the fuck are you gonna do when it’s cool to be yourself ?, Down for the count, Grown up corpses, Bike pig on a rope, Youth attack !

Spazz: Kiss of the sasquatch, Spudboy, Nuge on a stick, 4 times a day, Loach, Uniform, Bore, Weedeater, Anemonie

Hellnation : Head of the clouds, Anyway the wind blows, Politics, Nightmare, Trapped, Road rage, Your a joke, Dynamite up your ass, I love punk, i love thrash

The Locust: Moth eaten deer head, Brand new set of teeth, Nice tranquil thumb in your mouth, Recyclable body fluids in human form, Solar panel asses, Wet dream war machine

Infest : Where’s unity ?, Mindless, Mankind, Cold inside, Feeling mean, Sick machine, Behind this tong

Man Is The Bastard : Eunuch, No concern for the inhuman, Refuse to thrive, Secret surgery, Telegram death threat, Once upon a Shoes of cement, (Tony Williams) strife time, H.S.M.P.