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Fast And Hard

Fast And Hard est un programme consacré au Power-violence et autres musiques d’excités à base de Hardcore rapide, qui se contente de voyager de pays en pays pour rappeler les classiques du style et découvrir les groupes moins connus, qui construisent cette scène internationale depuis le début des années 1990.

Licence : tout le contenu est sous licence Creative Commons.
Durée : 50 minutes en moyenne



Avril 2021 : Le powerviolence, quelle décadence !

Pour cette émission, Fast and Hard a choisi une nouvelle fois la facilité avec une spéciale groupes américains.

Plutocracy : Time portal – West bay policy – Pesca Milagrosa

Beartrap : Surf – Is this thing on ? – Erase – Thorn in my side – Judge me – Nothings ever sure – I don’t want anything

Brother : Caged – Vessel – Master – Pawn – Leech – Surfacing – Empire

Low Threat Profile : Kick my heart – Time for rebirth – Judgment passed – Corporate cash lies – Lessons in cruelty – Build back your walls – Nobody fears you – Southern hospitality – Ripe – The product – You are parasite

G.L.O.S.S. : Give violence a chance – Out from the desk – Fight – We live

Deadbeat : Its personal – Nuke fear – Bastard – Bad blood – Punish you

Stapeld Shut : Field of green – Wa ti da da – Can’t change your mind – Putasos – Zigzag

Hewhocorrupts : I’ve got 2 words for you and they aren’t happy birthday – Control the white load – One block east, 2 blocks up your ass – This is 6 cymbal hits – Scream in sonar – 9 to 5 kiss your ass goodbye

Deadfall : Destroyed by your device – Disconnect – Let down – No such thing

Half/Cross : Cowards – Dangly earring – Stagnant – Ritual

Mars 2021 : Radiopodcast 10 : fastest of, le best of des 9 premières émissions !

Une des lignes directrices de Fast And Hard est de ne jamais passer deux fois le même groupe. Cette dixième émission est donc l’occasion de jeter un petit regard en arrière et de compiler les « meilleurs » groupes des numéros précédents.

Capitalist Casualties : Antiquated decorum – Litigation – Peccancy – Safety Standards – A borrowed latter

Rupture : Chromo – Rupturephobic

Ghetto : Démo 2015

Charles Bronson : Individualized – Floor puncher – Batting a thousand and still string out – Let’s start a revolution so i can break some hit – The great pet rock come back – What’s wrong with me ? – Dream a little dream

Have Fun : Brian’s new song – Hinkley references – No disc

Hellnation : Shut up – Tunnel vision – Advice – Shit society – getting away with murder – War parade

Infest : Break the chain – Pickled – Plastic – Mindless – Which side

Öpstand : Nazi ravers – One solution – Civilisé – Desperate terrorism

Dropdead : What once was life – Witch hunt – Prison

Stimulant : Apathetic – Trashed – Myopic Voided

Man Is The Bastard : Mocha rebirth – Semen in the eyesocket of Thomas Lenz – Slave to the bean – The iron room – Volatile cocktail

To the Point : No friend of Bill W. – In it for life – Free ride – Socially inept network – Infected

Woundman : Believe – Violence – Stand – Fed

Vomit For Breakfast : L.W.D. – La même – Bia – La 30° – Annonce – L’autre – Bien

Slight Slappers : 7878 – Face and back – Ash island – Solitude

Lack Of Interest : Escape reality – I know – Nothing – Disciplined

Février 2021 : Radiocast # 009 – Le powerviolence, quelle puissance !

Cette 9ieme émission vous propose un petit tour du monde sans passer par l’Asie (ni l’Antarctique !) avec toujours son inévitable lot de groupes américains. La play list :

Harmdone : Intro – Lose the life – Hammer stomp – Harmdone – Me, myself and i – Valueless being

Saywhy? : Ve jmenu pokroku – Starec – Nase vec – Spinava hra – Chranit a pomahat

Chulo :Poderviolencia nadaista – Vacio – Subpresion – desplazamiento forzado – Por la espalda – Ingenieria de la destrucccion

Dystrophy : Last drop – Old school song – Selfless – Nice kids – Las paloma song – Skatin’ for satan

Heist : Skull is dumb – Grip – Total retardation – Back to earth – All for one – Kill and kill again – Hail Ned Kelly – Fuck wit

Punch : Do it yourself – Done – Tie apart

Coke Bust : Iron spiral – Neutralized – Identity destruction – Sent in circles – Innocent complex

East/West Blast Test : Toga – Magnetic field – Remoras on tiger shark – Chopsticks – Felling ax – Swiss alphorn – Fez – Wigwarm

Iron Lung : Pain directive – Heirs to the prize – non contact visit – II – Absurdity – Hidden task

Chinsniffer : Nathan scraper – Chinsniffer

Janvier 2021 : Radiocast # 008 – Le powerviolence, c’est Bizance !

Spéciale USA, là où se trouve le gros de la scène, pour cette huitième émission dont le challenge n’est pas très prestigieux ! La playlist ::

Wound Man : Dive – Mr nice guy – Fever – Hate flag

To The Point : Embarrassed by you all – First world problems for a middle class white guy – Trickle down economics – Scion – It happens for a reason – I gotta match – Dark view

Asshole Parade : Shroom thrash – Biometric verification – Embers – Congested optics

Straight Edge Kegger : Our lives = shit – Another straight edge anthem – money corrupts music – Tree of life – O’douls – At least it’s not a chair – I had a bad day – The fuck

Ground : Deceive//neglect – Dyke spike domestic goddess – Minimal effort

Regional Justice Center : Indecency – Control – Sperm donor – Muck

Black Army Jacket : Meow meow meow – Lightswitch – Multimedia infantilization – Primitive crawl

Kung Fu Rick : Smoke stacks – Panic attacks – Culture shocks diagnostics – Read write head

xBrainiax : Vigilante – Faith mask – No love lost – Kids say the darnedest thing – Acrid – Baptismln glass – desert power – Altered – Decaf – Candidate for a new faith – We are the monster

No Comment : Dead stare for life – Past tense – Sarcastics – Distant – Hurt – Hacked to chunks – Lament – Soiled by hate – Downsided – Push down and turn

Décembre 2020 : Radiocast #007 – Le Japcore, j’adore !

Cette septième émission est une spéciale Japon, car le pays des arts martiaux a aussi fourni ce qu’il faut en groupes pour faire la bande son d’un bon Bruce Lee !

Jellyroll Rockheads : Ganja boy – Song for speedcore lovers – Go ! No reason – Isolated – Shoot a bomb into the dancefloor (The Stalin) – I wanna be high – High pressure – Kenji mind is green mind – Road to ruin

Quill : Herb smile – Try – Diet pork – Calcutta cuttie – Super flower – F.C. Revenge – C’mon student – Tower violence

Real Reggae : Intro – Injustice – Last of revenge – Complete magi system

Vivisick : Distort world distort futur – Selfish jap equality – Kill boredom – Mass ignorance – Fight for a pride

Sound Like Shit : Think my life – Lie – Conspiracy – Dust box baby – Irresponsible hospital – Effect of flesh eating – Cheap unity

Mind Of Asia : Trip brace my energies – No border – Japan is rotten – Akai Hana

Lie : Full of lie – Bureikou – A.B.O.S. – Sense of value – Figure dog

Flash Gordon: Flash gordon – Toxic avenger – Mic torture – M.H.I. – Neighbourhood breakdown – Road warrior

Dudman : Power widow death – Black Panther of southsea – Luck of long live dog – Rolling rice ball

Romantic Gorilla : Kitty revenge – Ecology – Crisis – Touch and die – Time up – Over

Novembre 2020 : Radiocast #006 – Le powerviolence quelle ambiance !

Sixième numéro pour Fast and Hard où la ligne directrice fixée est : pas de groupe américain ! La playlist :

Ona Snop : Spine and egg – Theremin culter – Melancholic carreer – Upset about the truth – Chain man

Sheeva Yoga : Jako skinnerovi holubi – Oportunismus parazita – Rust pro rust a zachranu planety – Pro firmu i dychat – Vytloukani klinu klinem – A pak ver pornohvezde – Nejlepsi frky z mein kampfu

Eat Shit Experience : Drunk mental experience – Boire sans ami, boire sans souci – Hard drummer

Conga Fury : Against war – Instant life moving – Against war part 1 – G.O.D.

Wilbur Cobb : Wilbur Cobb theme – Lost taste – Asshole militia – Don Quixote vs the 8000 windmills of Van Damme – Can’t relate

Stack : Shove it – Objective – The train – Gravity – Hardcore will never die – Contingency, it’s not the good that lies – In my hands – Unique

Derbe Lebowsky : Broken glass – Home coming – Keep calm

Nothing Clean : Zero – Contrarian – Rapid eye – Abcessive Compulsive – Pulling – Heads – No immunity – Lust for life – Walk – Forgot to let go

DS13 : Lie – Vi skatar, dom dör – DIY killed by the kids – In the name of revolution – We’re hardcore, you’re not – Bastard bizkit

Octobre 2020 : Radiocast #005 – Le powerviolence quelle transcendance

Dans cette 5ieme émission vous trouverez surtout des groupes américains avec toujours son lot de classiques et de groupes moins connus. La playlist ::MK Ultra : Nameless in life faceless in deat, Credit is the opium of the masses, I won’t let the assholes win, U-locked by the neck to the clinic door, Prayer breakfast, I am about to climb a fucking bell tower with a goddamn sniper rifleWeek End Nachos : Acceptable violence, Mocked, Dog torture, Better off dead, Pathetic, Another world, Apolitical

Despise You : Busted out look, …When you fall, Nel interesa, Say you felt this way, Ensename myself, Caring less, Seen the lines

Sided Tracked : Hate breeds hate, Opposition, No drive, Frantic state, Human error, The worst in me, Become you, Drowning man, Slow down, Crosshairs, Thick of it, Schoolyard gossip, Hustle, Struggle, Is it ?, Fear of change, Break even, Boycott show, Shut you out

Yacopsae : Tanz Grosny tanz, Bedeutunglos, Drama, Verbrannt, Eiland

Ulcer : Self destruct, Morality, Cross of iron, Off the pigs, Down to the wire

Witch Cult : Release, Burnt flag, Could have, Everyday, Big lurch, Fuck you fast slow, Deteriorate

Manhunt : Liar, Vermin, Drown, LCD, Rot

Boak : Justice for Kelly Thomas, Heartstopper, White wash

Have Fun : Have fun, Scene or seen, Fingerpainting for Jesus, Make no mistake Have Fun is talking shit about your goals, Still nothing changes, One giant space to rock, Friend is only label i need, Big plans, Why are you here, In circles, Just a phase

Septembre 2020 : Radiocast #004 – Des vacances dans la scène powerviolence

Pour cette 4ième émission, Fast And Hard n’a pas choisi de thème et se contente de voyager de pays en pays pour découvrir les groupes, connus ou moins, qui construisent la scène powerviolence internationale à travers le temps.

Rupture : Fear of death, Get in mess unit much time stumbles , Killing on the brain , Human race, Permanent intox

Agents Of Satan , Unholy ascension, H.O.G. , Cross hairs, Raped priest, Cut off my dick, Black metal bat

The Seeker : Sleeptonightrevolutiontomorrow, PV uber alles, Suicide hotline number, V.O.I.D., Mark Mc Coy was right , Suffering springs from 3 things : to want before it is due, to want more than you share and to want what belongs to others, Couch surf warrior

Worse : By way of…, The muckman, Lunch on you, Bear trap

Widespread Bloodshed : Get it into your head : Mutual understanding, Assassination politics, Thrash unit 214, W.S.B.S., Product of environment, Shorter and shorter, Shit city, Chupacabra,Refuse to conform ,Anxiety,Maybe tomorrow

Sick Urge : Cardboard box, The new equality, Fight them back, Keep them in the ground, Breakdown, Corporate conscience, Broken glass

Slight Slappers :Patience, Chicken hearted, Keep bad compagny, Do it your own way, Fearless conduct, Tired out ,Reflection

Bandit : False friends, Nothing left but death, Mitigate

Sick/Tired : Sulthan, Stubborn faith, The body doesn’t know the difference, Human ordure, Autodefendas

Suffer : Drown

Août 2020 : Radiocast #003 – le Powerviolence et la France

N’oublions pas notre cher pays car la France, elle aussi, regorge de groupes qui ont formé et continuent de construire cette scène qui, même si elle n’est pas majeure, est bien présente. C’est le sujet de cette troisième partie de Fast And Hard, « le Powerviolence et la France ». Playlist émission 3 :

Öpstand : Leur morale pue, Victime ,The end of the history, Red neck, TV addict, Temporary slave

Jean Seberg : Among the dead, Betrayer, Chaise électrique, Mountain bike

George Bitch Junior : Planet of the wielding apes, White face paint vs acne, Sunday morninge, Fuck education, we need more jail, Look honey, dead people on TV

Charogne Stone : Pique nique, La chaise, On va revenir, Petit soldat

Vengeance : Dent 2, Baisse les yeux, Why don’t you go fuck yourself ? , So sweet, Remember, Bucks a skin, Yes, sir !, La peau sur les os, The A team

Ghetto : Crualité, Cowards, People, Liars, Feuer, CKKD, Fünf, Mormon love

Riposte : Distress, Forced feeding, Brutal vengeance, Ruthless, EBS, Regression, Seed of hatred, Guilty conscience

Vomit For Breakfast: Religion, La nouvelle, La rak, Bu, Peravou, Guedin

Démoncrassie : ,Push up , Pas de vacance pour les blasts, Sheep/grass, Bagarre

Usa La Tua Rabbia : Consumen, Modern X, Neoliberales, Rabbia, Multa psicologica, No , Nada 1, Matame o adapte

Michel Platinium : -, -, -, – , Essaye un peu pour voir, Monopolys

Organ Frits Man : Love fries, hate fascism, The only good cop is a dead one

Juillet 2020 : Radiocast #002 – le Powerviolence c’est tendance

Ce deuxième volet de Fast And Hard, « le Powerviolence c’est tendance », aborde en une dizaine de groupes l’évolution à partir des années 2010 de ce style plus que jamais d’actualité. et la Playlist :

Sea Of Shit : Servitude – State of disarray – Disconnected belief system – Bridge burner

Sickmark : Fed up – Hypocrite – Fuck god, fuck religion – False deduce – War in my head – Diseased – Hammer

Stimulant : Feed back pulse – Escape route – Bending from – Heretic

Gets Worse : Tuff guy – Beyond words – Empty tanks

Chainsaw Squid : Live and jive at Black Mike’s – Mikes write a song about Chainsaw Squid – Pillow talk – Henry’s experience with crabs – No time left to think of lyrics (procrastination leads us to an empty song) – Adventure pass – Beatdown syndrom – How to get to Mike’s house – Tunnels12000

Vile Intent : Poke – Teeth – All talk – Attention aux chiens – Theories of casting

Delorean : Nobody calls me chicken – Hill Valley powerviolence – Biff Tannen mosh – 1,21 gigawatt – Alternate 1985

Magnum Force : Distort – Expire – Worthless – I – II

Sex Prisoner : Judgment – Unconditionned hate – Ladies of the night – Shoulder straight – Ghost hit

Cave State : Succumb – Conquest – Deceiving tong – Phase one – Dwell – Prisoner of mentality

Exit Unit : Blue turns red – Hate everything – You don’t know me – Sound the trumpets – I’ve got a plan – Population zone – Back demon back – As statues fall

Juin 2020 : Radiocast #001 – le Powerviolence quelle réjouissance

Au programme de la première émission, « le Powerviolence quelle réjouissance », vous avez le droit à une sélection de dix groupes phares / pionniers, bref des classiques et incontournables du genre. Playlist des groupes présent dans le programme :

Dropdead : At the cost of an animal – Unjustified murder – Bullshit tradition – You have a voice – Idiot icon

Capitalist Casualties : Bad habits, Insecrurities, A terrible trait, Meat market, Sarin, Slave

Lack Of Interest : Behind bars, You hate you, looking blindly, My life, Dedicated, Conscience, Forgotten youth, Empty words

Fuck On The Beach: You don’t listen to me, Tammy fuck off, I cannot stop fall in love, Suddenly insert, Failing, Loco girl, Fuck on the beach

Charles Bronson : Little Debbie, I can’t be in a band with you because you like Epitaph, Security blanket, They should legalize drugs so you can hurry up and fucking die, Charles Bronson will not turn into a _____ band , What the fuck are you gonna do when it’s cool to be yourself ?, Down for the count, Grown up corpses, Bike pig on a rope, Youth attack !

Spazz: Kiss of the sasquatch, Spudboy, Nuge on a stick, 4 times a day, Loach, Uniform, Bore, Weedeater, Anemonie

Hellnation : Head of the clouds, Anyway the wind blows, Politics, Nightmare, Trapped, Road rage, Your a joke, Dynamite up your ass, I love punk, i love thrash

The Locust: Moth eaten deer head, Brand new set of teeth, Nice tranquil thumb in your mouth, Recyclable body fluids in human form, Solar panel asses, Wet dream war machine

Infest : Where’s unity ?, Mindless, Mankind, Cold inside, Feeling mean, Sick machine, Behind this tong

Man Is The Bastard : Eunuch, No concern for the inhuman, Refuse to thrive, Secret surgery, Telegram death threat, Once upon a Shoes of cement, (Tony Williams) strife time, H.S.M.P.